Automate the collection and distribution of accurate product information throughout
your organisation – most importantly to the sales, marketing and digital channels that need it most.


Secure cloud-based implementation. This means that your company does not need to worry about software maintenance and upgrades

Centralised Database

The Centralogue solution provides a centralized database from which everyone will operate.

Global Language and Currency

Centralogue solution integrated with real-time currency allows you to continuously price your products correctly across all countries.

Streamlined Data Collection and Input

Entering in product data multiple times is a productivity buster. With Centralogue, you only need to enter the data once and it will be available to all.

Contextual Product Information

If you can incorporate contextual product information such as shop the look or room, you’ll be able to easily support cross selling and upselling strategies

Definable Contributor Roles & restrict access

Have robust administrator rights to control which users have which types of access/update permissions

Integration Connectors

Real-time integrations with other systems in your enterprise means updates occur automatically, with no manual work needed.